PEKEV® and Triumph


Triumph’s whole range of motorcycle jeans has been designed and developed in-house by our own development teams, so we know they’re perfect for your ride, whatever you ride.

With all Triumph’s exclusive motorcycle jeans, you never have to compromise the look you want for the comfort and performance you demand.  And just as we’re obsessed with delivering the complete riding experience, our premium legwear is also designed to provide maximum satisfaction for your riding needs.


Our 60% lined PEKEV® Riding Jeans have the world’s highest CE EN13595-1 level 2 abrasion rating! It doesn’t get any safer. The longest rated slide time of any jean, let’s hope you never have to rely on them, but you can at least wear them knowing you are never likely to risk your skin touching the road if you do. All in a high fashion, no stitch panel, regular jean look. Where style meets strength!


Perfect for laid-back road riding, this slim fit legwear is made with ProModal denim; 2% Lycra and 60% lined PEKEV® Lite abrasion resistant material which provides increased defence and breathability for comfort while riding. Supplied with removable D3o® protectors and reflective hem detailing for added confidence, and five pockets.