D30 Air is a patented protective material that combines enhanced chemistry with product engineering to produce high-performance shock absorption and impact protection solutions. This material has some unique characteristics that provide enhanced versatile and flexible protection containing intelligent molecules that flow freely when moving but on shock they lock together to absorb impact energy, instantly returning to their flexible state. D3O Air does not go hard when hit, the molecules lock together to absorb and spread the force, significantly reducing the effect of impact, dispersing the force of impact thus drastically reducing the transmitted force and minimizing the risk of injury or equipment damage. The protective qualities are retained after repetitive impact. Comfort, flexibility and protection are always present.

  • High-performance shock absorption
  • Trusted protection
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Tested according to CE-standards
  • Meets the requirements of CE Norm EN 1621-2 2014 Level 2